Year 12 Virtual Induction Programme

Welcome to Beths Sixth Form

Sixth Form gives you two years to shape the rest of your life.  It is here that personal dreams are set firmly in motion.  Destinies are planned in Year 12 and finalised in Year 13.

In the Sixth Form, teenagers become responsible young adults.  We are a space for you to become independent and unique. 

30 A Level subjects allow absolutely everyone to shine and flourish.  We are an outstanding school which provides excellent teachers and careers guidance. 

We pride ourselves in taking care of your personal well-being and mental health.  We help you to study hard and become leaders with empathy, compassion and integrity.

Beths is a place for students who love to learn and want to make the Bexley community better.  Sport, music, theatre, film, art, science and literature; everyone is accommodated. 

Beths is a place to make new friends.  We are a community - working together to help our students succeed.

As a school, we are rich in diversity and success, and very proud of it.

Mr T Beaney

Assistant Headteacher

Head of Sixth Form