Work Experience

At Beths Grammar School we believe a period of work related learning not only gives students the chance to see what a real working environment is like, but also gives them an opportunity to develop key skills that they will need in their working lives. For some students it is also a chance for them to sample a possible future career direction.

The School uses the Unifrog Placements Tool for the administration of the work experience schemes. This ensures that work experience is safe, enjoyable and beneficial for the students who take part.

For any queries regarding work experience, please contact Mrs Blyghton and the Careers and Guidance Department on

Aims of Work Experience

¨ To enable students to appreciate the demands, priorities, disciplines and relationships found in the world of employment.

¨ For students to develop self-confidence and self-discipline while working with adults.

¨ To recognise and record the use of Employability Skills.

Work experience gives students an insight into the world of work and an opportunity to develop employability skills. In contrast to an industrial visit when they are only able to observe, students are able to experience a short continuous spell in a working situation and to gain first-hand knowledge of what particular jobs entail. This experience helps prepare young people for the transition from school to college or university or indeed, employment. It can also help students in their own career choice.

Employability Skills

Work experience gives our students the opportunity to demonstrate skills that are important in the future. These skills can be transferred to any area of higher or further education or employment and provide evidence of success to other employers and admissions tutors.

Employability Skills             

  • Communication skills     
  • Working with others
  • Number skills                    
  • Problem solving
  • IT skills                                 
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Practical skills

Personal Attributes

  • Good attendance and punctuality
  • Willingness to undertake tasks
  • Politeness and courtesy               
  • Appropriate appearance
  • An ability to understand and carry out instructions
  • An ability to work independently and to use initiative

“I think that my placement here has helped me improve my social skills and how to deal with people effectively.”

Year 11 Work Experience: October 2023 

During the week of 9th to 13th  October, our Year 11 students had their in-person work experience week. These include experience in accountancy, architecture, computing, primary schools, sports coaching, property, law, libraries, pharmacy and medicine, as well as public services.   

It was great to receive positive feedback from employers regarding our students:

We’re incredibly proud of all our students who have received such positive feedback from the employers. 

"Both Abhiram (11C) and Jeremiah (11H) were a pleasure to have in our school. They were mature, sensible, helpful, polite and respectful. They were great in their work with the children too.  They are a credit to your school. (Upton Primary School) "

"While working on the assigned project, James (11W) went above and beyond in researching and troubleshooting all issues encountered in a very creative way. He's an absolute genius! (Livicode Tech Solutions) "

"Dominik (11E) has represented Beths very well. The feedback from the rest of my colleagues was:  1. mature, intelligent and very confident for his age 2. can we employ him!? 3. He is great!!!!  (British Land, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre)" 

"Samuel (11B) was adaptable and willing to carry out all tasks asked of him. He worked as part of the adult team but also leading small groups in the classroom and leading a team of younger pupils. He was a wonderful role model for our students! (Plumcroft Primary School) "

"Everyone who met with Ben (11A) were impressed with his ambition, politeness and engagement. (Pictet Asset Management Limited)" 

What did the students tell us about their placements? 

In their reflection on work experience, students were asked to answer three questions: 

  • One thing you learnt through doing the placement 

  • What you did during the placement of which you’re most proud 

  • How doing the placement impacted on your plans for the future 

One thing you learnt through doing the placement 

"….I learnt that work is far more independent compared to school which can be a good thing at times because it forces you to solve your own problems which develops your problem solving skills." (Shaane, 11E) 

"…..I learnt how to interact with young children. I also learnt different techniques to help students learn. I was able to interact with adults in a professional capacity, and I was given responsibilities that allowed me gain new experience.  I am now considering a career in teaching more seriously. "(Riley, 11 W) 

"…..I learned the importance of self-reliance and focused dedication in a professional setting. Unlike the classroom environment where questions are encouraged, I quickly realised that in the workplace, people expect you to independently handle your assigned tasks without constant guidance." (Amir, 11H) 

"…..I learnt to arrange invoices and I learnt about accountancy and how I can sort documents on excel. I also learnt what you call expenses and purchases and sales and commissions, and how to sort them for different businesses. " (Abi, 11A) 

"...The most important thing I learned during my placement is the value of cohesion. Working in any setting demands you to work as a team, but in a pharmacy, this collaborative dynamic is absolutely essential because of how crucial it is that everyone plays their part." (Edwin, 11C) 

What you did during the placement of which you’re most proud 

"….I think i’m most proud about my flexibility in work; I was able to do various jobs from filing documents to writing closing letters." (Daron, 11A) 

"….I was able to see a house I designed in a real life site model" (Timur, 11B) 

"….During my placement, I completed some coding tasks that challenged my abilities. Even though they were difficult, I persevered and managed to complete them. "(Alex, 11H) 

"….On the first day, I was granted the opportunity to make some numberplate with the companies name on the bottom of them. I was told I did better than most people and I found the whole process very enjoyable. "(Mykolas, 11E) 

"….I am very proud of being able to make some children aspirational and make them realise that they have true potential and should believe in themselves." (Abiodun, 11W) 

"...I worked with a small group of children and taught them how to use BIDMAS in maths" (Dylan, 11C) 

How doing the placement impacted on your plans for the future 

".... This placement has caused me to consider career paths involving construction for my future as a possible choice and it has made me think more about degree apprenticeships as a favourable option after A levels with the benefits such as not having to pay for university and having a job after education. " (Ewan, 11 W) 

"…. I learnt a lot about the company culture which I really enjoyed being a part of for a week and I could possibly see me applying for an apprenticeship there in the future." (Karam, 11A) 

"….I have a good relationship with the pharmacy staff and may work with them again in the future. They also taught me valuable, transferrable skills that can be applied to many other workplaces." (Emmanuel, 11C) 

"….I am now more interested in careers involving producing a software (SaaS, or other software engineering-based jobs). "(Mustafa, 11H) 

"….I was taught about qualities of care and responsibility as well as teamwork which will all be vital for my future plans of studying medicine." (Chinaemere, 11B) 

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Year 10/11 Work experience evening 

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