Work Experience

At Beths Grammar School we believe a period of work related learning not only gives students the chance to see what a real working environment is like, but also gives them an opportunity to develop key skills that they will need in their working lives. For some students it is also a chance for them to sample a possible future career direction.

The School uses the Unifrog Placements Tool for the administration of the work experience schemes. This ensures that work experience is safe, enjoyable and beneficial for the students who take part.

For any queries regarding work experience, please contact Mrs Blyghton and the Careers and Guidance Department on

Aims of Work Experience

¨ To enable students to appreciate the demands, priorities, disciplines and relationships found in the world of employment.

¨ For students to develop self-confidence and self-discipline while working with adults.

¨ To recognise and record the use of Employability Skills.

Work experience gives students an insight into the world of work and an opportunity to develop employability skills. In contrast to an industrial visit when they are only able to observe, students are able to experience a short continuous spell in a working situation and to gain first-hand knowledge of what particular jobs entail. This experience helps prepare young people for the transition from school to college or university or indeed, employment. It can also help students in their own career choice.

Employability Skills

Work experience gives our students the opportunity to demonstrate skills that are important in the future. These skills can be transferred to any area of higher or further education or employment and provide evidence of success to other employers and admissions tutors.

Employability Skills             

  • Communication skills     
  • Working with others
  • Number skills                    
  • Problem solving
  • IT skills                                 
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Practical skills

Personal Attributes

  • Good attendance and punctuality
  • Willingness to undertake tasks
  • Politeness and courtesy               
  • Appropriate appearance
  • An ability to understand and carry out instructions
  • An ability to work independently and to use initiative

“I think that my placement here has helped me improve my social skills and how to deal with people effectively.”

Year 12 Work Experience: July 2023

An amazing 238 students from Year 12 found an in-person work experience placement during the designated work experience week of 3 to 7 July 2023. 10 students did in-person work experience on a different week with permission of the school which means that 70% of our Year 12 students had first-hand experience of a workplace in July.

 There were 207 separate employers who hosted work experience placements for our students during designated work experience week across a wide range of sectors: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry; architecture and construction; finance, law, childcare, hospitality and tourism, education and IT.

It was great to receive positive feedback from employers regarding our students:

. . . A number of people that William met commented to me that he was alert, bright and inquisitive in their sessions. He drew on knowledge and experience gained in previous discussions to ask thoughtful questions and demonstrated a strong ability to onboard and retain knowledge on complex subject matter which can be challenging, even for an experienced colleague. William, 6A5 (Barclays)

. . . very quickly grasped architectural concepts and was able to solve key aesthetic and technical design problems through his meticulous model making. Jamin, 6B1 (Karakusevic Carson Architects)

. . . positively engaged with his presenters and mentors and asked thoughtful questions on different subjects. Peter, 6C2 (AON)

. . . He showed an interest in everything, asked intelligent questions and listened to the answer. He is a great communicator . . . really articulate. Israel, 6E2 (NS&I)

. . . Really showed a dedication and attention to detail that will serve him well in the future. Alfie, 6E3 (Stayer Cycles)            

. . . was tasked with assisting on an interview with our most difficult client. She behaved impeccably and intuitively knew the best way to handle her. She then went on to do some excellent research and drafting for the client. Her overall brilliance really shone. Shanel, 6H1 (National Legal Service Solicitors)

. . . showed great enthusiasm in the lesson he planned and delivered. He had a fantastic motivational manner which engaged his pupils. Dami 6W2 (St Columba’s Boys School)

Students were asked to describe one thing that they learnt through doing the placement:

. . . I got to gain an understanding how versatile engineering could be. Jude, 6A1 (TFL)

. . . That independence is key, along with personal organisation. Many tasks can get added or handed to you at once without being told how to complete them, so it’s up to you to organise yourself and use your initiative to get the jobs done. Phoebe, 6B2 (Bexley Music)

. . . The workplace isn’t as scary as it seems. The people there were very caring and always willing to help. Everyone has a job that has to be done . . it’s like a chain where each stage has to go according to plan. Tobi 6C1 (hVivo)

. . . I learnt how busy a GP surgery really is, and how a doctor had to coordinate with many behind the scenes teams (care coordinators, referral team) to provide support. Jebosa, 6E3 (Hillyfields Medical Centre)

. . . How to perform a stop and search. Abbie, 6W3 (Met Police)

We also asked students How doing the placement impacted on your plans for the future

. . . This placement has made me even more determined to read Law at university and become a solicitor. Isabel, 6A1 (DAC Beachcroft LLP)

. . . I have now experienced a part of what architecture is like and it has made me more sure that I will choose it for university and later on maybe a profession. Kai, 6B1 (Proctor and Matthews Architects)

. . . This has encouraged me to seriously think about engineering as a work route in the future. Diontae, 6C4 (South Eastern Railway)

. . . I would say with certainty that this placement has dramatically manipulated my thought process regarding my career path. Initially I was unsure about pursuing law as a career but after the first-hand experience and direct involvement I’ve had with the profession and the operation that the job emails it has granted me the insight to do law following my degree at university. Victor, 6E1 (Taylor Rose)

. . . I learnt the real world of fund management which really got me thinking that this is what I want to do when I leave school. Leo, 6H3 (Legal and General Investment Management)

. . . Would look into degree apprenticeships more. Maximo, 6W1 (Aeralis)