Work Experience

At Beths Grammar School we believe a period of work related learning not only gives students the chance to see what a real working environment is like, but also gives them an opportunity to develop key skills that they will need in their working lives. For some students it is also a chance for them to sample a possible future career direction.

The School uses the Unifrog Placements Tool for the administration of the work experience schemes. This ensures that work experience is safe, enjoyable and beneficial for the students who take part.

For any queries regarding work experience, please contact Mrs Blyghton and the Careers and Guidance Department on

Aims of Work Experience

¨ To enable students to appreciate the demands, priorities, disciplines and relationships found in the world of employment.

¨ For students to develop self-confidence and self-discipline while working with adults.

¨ To recognise and record the use of Employability Skills.

Work experience gives students an insight into the world of work and an opportunity to develop employability skills. In contrast to an industrial visit when they are only able to observe, students are able to experience a short continuous spell in a working situation and to gain first-hand knowledge of what particular jobs entail. This experience helps prepare young people for the transition from school to college or university or indeed, employment. It can also help students in their own career choice.

Employability Skills

Work experience gives our students the opportunity to demonstrate skills that are important in the future. These skills can be transferred to any area of higher or further education or employment and provide evidence of success to other employers and admissions tutors.

Employability Skills             

  • Communication skills     
  • Working with others
  • Number skills                    
  • Problem solving
  • IT skills                                 
  • Improving own learning and performance
  • Practical skills

Personal Attributes

  • Good attendance and punctuality
  • Willingness to undertake tasks
  • Politeness and courtesy               
  • Appropriate appearance
  • An ability to understand and carry out instructions
  • An ability to work independently and to use initiative

“I think that my placement here has helped me improve my social skills and how to deal with people effectively.”

Year 11 Work Experience: October 2022

During the week of 3rd to 7th October, our Year 11 students had their in-person work experience week. These included experiences in accountancy, architecture, computing, education, property, central government, law, pharmacy and medicine as well as public services. Many of our students also attended placements at primary schools and libraries.

As we develop our Work Experience programme this page will be updated.

We’re incredibly proud of all of our students, and we received absolutely fantastic feedback from the employers regarding our students. Here are some to give you a flavour!

"What a fantastic role model this young man is and what an asset he must be to your school.

Steven 11A (Plumcroft Primary School)


"Max was a joy to have around."

Max 11B (European School of Osteopathy)


"Henry was friendly, polite, punctual and undertook the tasks we set him with enthusiasm. He is a real credit to your school."

Henry  11C (Eltham Library)


"He was polite and friendly with both adults and children. In a maths lesson he helped one child understand a complex question about factors and multiples and was a very patient teacher. That child was so proud of himself after that lesson and that was thanks to Max's patience."

Max 11E (West Hill Primary Academy)


"He displayed a strong sense of diligence, competence and professionalism"

Daniel 11H (Woolwich Library)


"Rowan was an excellent ambassador for Beths and I hope he is proud of all that he achieved during his time with us."

Rowan 11W (YMCA)


What did the students tell us about their placements?

In their reflection on work experience, students were asked to answer three questions:

  • One thing you learnt through doing the placement
  • What you did during the placement of which you’re most proud
  • How doing the placement impacted on your plans for the future

One thing you learnt through doing the placement

. . . how vital the teaching professional is and how there is much more to it than what you see taking place in the classroom (James , 11A)

. . . I learnt about power generation and how it gets to buildings. I learnt about the features of switchboards, distribution boards and circuit breakers (Ayoola, 11B)

. . . how to adapt to a different environment and still work to a high level and do the best I can (Ismael  11C)

. . . there are many more parts of a football club than people realise, especially within the academy, where there are education teams as well as physios, psychologists, coaches, analysts and many more. (Tom, 11E)

. . . how to work under pressure (Donald , 11H)

. . . how to tactically and efficiently use my time (Aaron, 11W)

What you did during the placement of which you’re most proud

. . . help a child with learning disabilities produce work that went to the head teacher (Giacomo, 11A)

. . . I helped someone book a plane ticket to South Korea (Miles S, 11B)

. . . created the website for the shop part of the music academy (Thomas, 11C)

. . . I wrote the owner a list of things that the company could do to become better and increase their variety of customers and widen their customer base (Ifeanyi, 11E)

. . . I made a great connection with the students in the class I worked with and created a safe and good bond and environment for them. (Subeeshnan, 11H)

. . . I helped to decorate a board celebrating Black History Month (Abdul, 11W)

How doing the placement impacted on your plans for the future

. . . my eyes were opened to new career ideas and opportunities (Gerald, 11A)

. . . during the placement I was told about ‘sandwich degrees’ where you complete a university degree but spend one year in industry – I plan to do one in the future. (Luke, 11B)

. . . it has given me a real idea of what the world of work is like (Alex, 11C)

. . . this experience has opened my eyes more to the world of work in pharmaceuticals. It has made me curious to investigate more about this field and possibly study it at university. (Jason, 11E)

. . . it has reinforced my desire to work on the medical field (Jayden, 11H)

. . . I can see myself working in a school environment and making a difference for future generations (Oliver, 11W)