Wickham House

I’m a driven student with a keen nature for sport and success. This motivates me to work collectively as I’m a team player, which is what I hope I can provide to the Wickham community. I want every member of Wickham to feel that they can approach me no matter how big or small the query is as, even though I wasn’t a Beth’s student prior to sixth form, I have experienced secondary school and I understand how challenging it may be at times for some especially through GCSE period. Therefore I hope every member feels they can approach me at any time and I will do everything I can to offer my assistance. As well as the hope that Wickham will win the house cup this year for the first time as together this year we have a chance!

Katie, House Captain 2020/2021


I am very excited that I have been offered the role of Wickham house captain this year. Being new to the school can often be quite daunting, especially for me as I came from a school that was a lot smaller than Beths. Knowing that I was in a house instantly gave me a stronger sense of belonging at the school and helped me meet new people within and outside of Wickham house and so becoming house captain is an honour.  This year, I want to ensure that every student is filled with that same sense of purpose as well as being a familiar and approachable presence for those who need someone to talk to. I also hope to bring my passion for performing arts to Beths by arranging more drama and music competitions and events as well as cheering on my house in sports competitions or more academic events such as debates or spelling bees. Finally, I look forward to making a difference in my time as house captain and helping Wickham on their way to success.

Bethany, House Captain 2020/2021