Wickham House

Being a Wickham student from year 7 has enabled me to relay the values that the form holds, as a new form we have to embody determination and perseverance to achieve our goals. I believe not only as a form but as a community that we work in unity to maximise all opportunities that are ahead of us, whether those include academic challenges, sport or drama. I wish to act as a role model for younger Wickham students around the school and become a familiar face in which they can confide in. - Ted Burrows, House Captain 2019/2020


When I started my journey at Beths I was a part of the first every Wickham form, the house being created the year I joined. Living far away from Beths, and well away from the usual catchment zone, I would never have been lucky enough to gain a place if it was not for the creation of the Wickham house in the year I joined. I have had the chance to repay my gratitude to the house over the past 6 years, through participating in several events for Wickham and upholding our three core values: wisdom, willingness and worthiness. Now it is my great honour to be a Wickham house captain. As a leader of the house, I will venture to make its students feel as welcome as I have felt throughout my time in the Wickham household, encouraging them to pursue their own course of willingness to lead them to their own worthy and wise destination at the end of their time here. - Maximus Woodley , House Captain 2019/2020