Wellbeing Award for Schools

Last year, Beths began an important journey to support mental health and emotional wellbeing.  We are committed to achieving and maintaining high levels of wellbeing in our whole school community and this is evidenced by us working towards a Wellbeing Award for Schools, which has been developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau.  All students, staff and parents/carers have the opportunity to join us on this journey and to contribute to a healthy approach to wellbeing that builds emotional understanding and resilience and can provide a multitude of effective listening and support strategies, as necessary.

Our Wellbeing Vision

  • Students/staff/parents/carers are aware of emotional wellbeing and mental health issues and warning signs
  • Students/staff/parents/carers know where they can go to access support for themselves or others
  • Students’ and staffs’ wellbeing will be assessed annually and appropriate interventions offered 
  • We work together with our partners to achieve the optimum emotional wellbeing and mental health support for the whole school community

Looking ahead

We are looking forward to our verification visit in January 2020 and the chance to showcase the wide variety of wellbeing support and initiatives that have been put in place over the past year.  We hope to celebrate the successful completion of this award soon!   Watch this space…

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