University Visits and other absence requests

Requests for absences

University visits

As part of the university decision-making process, we encourage students to visit all universities they wish to apply for in advance of making an application. This is to ensure that they get a good feel for the university and its surroundings are able to make a well-informed decision.

We will authorise a total of three days’ leave per academic year for students to visit universities.

When booking the open days, please bear in mind that many universities offer opportunities to visit at weekends.

In the majority of cases, universities should be visited in year 12 and students in year 13 should ideally save their open day leave for the post-offer applicant days.

For university visits, the following procedure must be adhered to:

  • A University Visit Request Form signed by a parent/carer must be submitted at least two days before the visit
  • The University Visit Feedback Form must be completed and handed in after the visit

Forms are to be handed in to the Sixth Form Assistant Heads of Year Team or submitted via email to

Subject teachers must be spoken to in advance of the visits and all work is caught up on.

Other absence requests

Authorised absence due to other reasons will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All requests must be submitted at least two days in advance of the proposed date of absence and, where possible, evidence of the need for absence should also be submitted, e.g. appointment card, interview confirmation etc..

Parental/carer authorisation must be given either via email to or by completing the Absence Request Form