Teaching Staff


Mr G Hayman Head of Department
Mr C Field
Mr D Metcalfe
Ms H Van Rietschoten

Business Education

Mrs T Tolhurst Head of Department
Mr R McBeth Subject Co-ordinator Economics, Head of Year 10
Mr J McCartin Subject Co-ordinator Law
Mr M Neylan Senior Deputy Headteacher
Mr D O'Regan Deputy Headteacher, Key Stage 4 Manager
Mr G Sakoulas
Mrs S de Souza


Mrs S Aziz Head of Department
Mr C Penfold
Mr A Mulla

Design & Technology

Mr T Crutchley Head of Department
Ms L Commerford
Ms J Dennis
Mr R Morgan Subject Co-ordinator Electronics
Ms K Sircom Sixth Form Learning Mentor


Ms J Bissett Head of Department
Mrs A Amin Head of Year 9
Ms E Clough
Ms T Davies
Ms S Irving
Ms S Lees
Ms B McPartland

Mr G Russell Head of Year 8
Ms S Stevens
Mrs N Takeda Key Stage 3 English Co-ordinator, Head of Year 7
Ms A Walker PGCE


Mr H Hegarty Head of Department
Miss S Purbrick
Ms K Vraitch-Chahil
Miss R Witherspoon


Mr G Thompson Head of Department
Mr R J Blyghton Headteacher
Mr C Healy
Mrs S King Assistant Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Officer, Key Stage 3 Manager
Mr S Mills
Ms O Osisanwo
Miss A Paterson Accelerated Learning (Maths) Co-ordinator, Virtual Platform Co-ordinator
Mr M Reason Key Stage 3 Maths Co-ordinator, Temporary Head of Year 11
Mrs A Roe
Mr M Runacres Key Stage 4 Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs A Smart

Modern Foreign Languages

Miss E Price Head of Department, Subject co-ordinator Spanish
Miss R Clarke Subject Co-ordinator German, Assistant Head of Year 9
Mr A Ford
Mr J Garcia
Mrs A Green

Miss K Leggett Subject Co-ordinator French
Miss L Li Mandarin Excellence Programme Co-ordinator, Confucius Classroom Co-ordinator
Mrs M Martin
Mr P Ogilvie
Mr  C Simpson
Mr R Stein Subject Co-ordinator Chinese Mandarin

Physical Education

Mr N Temple Head of Department, Professional Mentor for Teachers in Training
Mr J Eydmann
Mr P Tarrant
Mr S Timothy

Mr M Waite Key Stage 4 PE Co-ordinator, Head of Year 12
Mr C Webb

Performing Arts

Miss S Grady Subject Co-ordinator Drama, Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr D Kilroy
Mrs K Marriott Subject Co-ordinator Music


Mr G Ramessar Head of Department, Head of Biology
Mrs W Adriaans
Mr N Avery Head of Physics
Mr T Beaney Assistant Headteacher
Mr J Eydmann
Mr V Gukhool Deputy Headteacher, Teaching & Learning / Staff Development
Ms E Igunbor
Mrs S Matkins
Mr T Mhazo

Mr S Pavar
Dr M Salem Head of Chemistry

Ms S Sarkar
Mr Y Siddique Assistant Head of Year 11
Ms H Solomon-Steeds
Mr G Turnbull Key Stage 3 Subject Co-ordinator
Mr C Webb

Social Science

Ms E Leonard Head of Department
Ms A Chappell Key Stage 3 Subject Co-ordinator, Assistant Head of Year 8
Mr I Chamberlain
Ms J Deane
Mr R Law Assistant Head of Year 7
Ms G Moffat
Mr K O'Brien Assistant Headteacher, Head of Sixth Form, Key Stage 5 Manager
Ms A Simons
Ms K Vraitch-Chahil
Mr P Walsh
Mr C Watkins Head of Year 13