Taster Sessions for Current Students

Current Beths students are invited to book Subject Taster Sessions.  Please note that each student will be limited to a maximum of 4 sessions.

Should minimum numbers not be met for some sessions, we will contact you with alternative dates.

  19 Nov 26 Nov 28 Nov 3 Dec 5 Dec 10 Dec 7 Jan 14 Jan 15 Jan 21 Jan 28 Jan
Art           X          
Biology           X   X      
Business Studies     X   X            
Chemistry       X     X        
Chinese Mandarin   X                  
Classical Civilisation X                    
Computer Science           X          
Design & Technology                     X
Economics     X X     X        
Electronics             X        
English Literature       X       X      
Film Studies     X                
French       X              
Geography   X                  
German X                    
History   X                  
Law                 X    
Mathematics    X       X   X     X
Music                   X  
Music Technology                 X    
Philosophy X                   X
Physical Education       X              
Physics   X               X  
Politics   X                 X
Psychology             X     X  
Religious Studies       X              
Sociology             X X      
Spanish X