Support Staff

Mrs L Anderson Examinations Officer -
Mr E Babajide  Cover Supervisor and TA and Assistant Head of Year 9 -
Mr N Barut Site Assistant -
Mrs K Blackwell Data Manager & Exams Assistant -
Ms G Blagden Science Technician -
Ms A Blyghton Careers & Work Experience Lead -
Mr J Bourdet Finance Assistant -
Ms J Bourlet KS3 and KS4 Student Receptionist -
Mrs D Brett-Smith School Counsellor -
Mrs P Brobbey Assistant Head of Year, Support Staff -
Ms S Butt Individual Needs -
Mrs A Carrad Science Technician -
Mrs J Chandler Attendance & Student Services Co-ordinator -
Ms C O'Connell HR Administrator -
Ms E Cooper Educational Trips Co-Ordinator Admin Assistant  - 
Ms U Eluwa Marketing Assistant & Fixtures Secretary -
Ms O Flowers Admin assistant -
Mr A French  Senior ICT Technician -
Mr D French Assistant Site Manager -
Ms L Gardener Science Technician -
Mrs L Gibson Business Manager -
Ms T Hards Site Manager -
Ms K Hyland LRC & Cover Manager -
Mr A Johnson Network Manager -
Ms C Jones Office Manager -
Ms J Kaur Assistant Head of Year, Support Staff -
Ms A Lesniakowska Cover Supervisor -
Ms R Lynch Individual Needs -
Dr J McArdell Senior Science Technician -
Mrs J Owen Headteacher's PA & Office Manager -
Mr M Owen-Parke Groundsman -
Ms M Paton Individual Needs -
Ms J Pine-Coffin Student Support -
Ms Z Ratcliffe Careers Assistant -
Ms L Rayneau Work Experience Assistant -
Mr D Reddington Cover Supervisor -
Mrs K Sangster  School Council Co-ordinator -
Mr T Sansom PE Technician -
Mr C Sarageaua IT Technician -
Mrs T Searby Individual Needs/Midday Supervisor, Deputy Safeguarding Officer -
Ms A Shelbourn  Finance Manager -
Mr B Smith DT Technician -
Ms M Stringer Part-time DT Technician -
Mr S Sullivan Site Assistant -
Ms M Toppar Student Reception KS5 -
Mr A Walker Design & Technology Technician -
Mrs K Walker Operations Manager -
MS G Wilson Finance Assistant -
Updated 19.01.2024