Super Curriculum

At Beths we want you to develop a passion and love of learning which will not only help you be more successful in school but also beyond.  We want you to delve deeper into the subjects that you enjoy most and tackle activities which will enhance your normal curriculum studies.  As such, please look through the Super Curriculum ideas for your favourite subjects and pick some activities to have a go at. We have separated them into the following categories:

Please note that students aiming for Top Universities should engage widely in the suggested activities especially for the subjects within which you excel.  Some activities will need parental permission and you should not plan a trip or visit without parental consent.


Friendship Ambassadors Foundation

Our mission is to empower youth to become the leaders and changemakers who will strive together to create a sustainable world free of war, oppression, exclusion, and poverty. Through a worldwide network, programs, and services, we are harnessing the power of friendship as a catalyst for greater understanding, shared learning, and sustainable action.

This organisation runs the United Nations Youth Assembly – see website for details on how and when to apply