Student Voice

Please find below, some comments from former Beths Sixth Form students:

"I will begin by giving a brief overview of myself; my name is Luke and I attended Beths Grammar School from September 2014 to July 2016.  I took my A Levels during this time, and joined from a local non-selective school.  My experience at Beths in one word?  Exceptional.  There are many reasons for this, one specific and personal to me is the support that I received to help cope with my health condition that I have faced the last few years.  It was difficult for me at times but it became clear to me from the beginning that I was to be looked after from staff, particularly by the two sixth form co-ordinators whom I had a close relationship with, and also the staff in the Individual Educational Needs Department.  This made me feel extremely welcome in the school environment and meant that I looked forward to coming to Beths each day.
"Indeed, the teachers I had the pleasure of being taught by were outstanding, especially one of my Mathematics and one of my Economics teachers.  With the intention of becoming a teacher myself in the future, I observed during my time that I liked the methods of teaching that these teachers adopted.  In fact, I felt inspired by them and it was not long before I looked up to them as role models.
"Another reason my experience at Beths was so positive is that there was a lot of continuous support to bridge the gap between sixth form and university.  Each student was allocated a ‘personal tutor’ who helped with the entire UCAS process, which is a rather long, though vital, one.  Getting help writing my personal statement, helping me prepare for potential interviews, offering support for the STEP exam I was due to take – everything was there to help give me the best chance to reach my desired university.  And here I am, having the privilege of reading Mathematics at the University of Exeter.  And the reason I am here is largely because of Beths.
"In summary, what happened during my time at Beths was outstanding and I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was a real pleasure and honour to be able to attend.  Beths has significantly helped me reach where I am now and I will forever be grateful for that.  Beths is a great school and I would definitely recommend it to a prospective student wanting to achieve highly."
"Beths helped me to succeed in my ambition to get into university.  The sixth form administrators (Mrs Hubert and Mrs Alexander) were helpful and supportive and gave me all the tools I needed to reach higher education."
"Being at Beths was a good experience for me.  I met great people and friends I’ll keep forever.  Now I have moved on to university, staying grounded at Beths allowed me to gain a scholarship in America."
"Being at Beths, I really enjoyed spending time with the friends I got to meet and the fact that the environment is very accommodating for a good learning experience.  I study Computer Science at university."

"Great personal assistance from tutors in preparation for university for each and every student."
"I am eternally grateful to my teachers throughout the sixth form who helped me develop both academically and socially.  Thank you."
"Beths expanded my skills set and helped me achieve grades I wouldn’t believe I could."
"Beths prepared me for taking the next academic step, in preparing me for university life and helping me achieve the grades I needed."
"Beths helped me pay attention in lectures and making notes in subjects like Biology, they also helped in the laboratory."
"Sixth Form prepared me well for University and made the transition process a lot easier."
"The friendly environment surrounding each subject made it easier to learn."
"Each student being assigned a personal tutor to help with their personal statement really assisted my UCAS application."

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