September 2019 Intake - Students New to the School

This section is for Year 12 entry in September 2019 for students new to Beths only

Students who intend to join Beths from other schools in September, will need to download and complete the six Enrolment forms detailed below, in bold.

These will need to be submitted, together with your ID and confirmation of your GCSE results, at one of our two “Document Submission” days in August.

Once you have confirmed your GCSE results online (via your ULAS application form) – you will receive an email with an appointment date and time for you to submit this completed documentation.

Please use the checklist* provided to ensure that you have all the required documentation with you when you arrive that day.

If you will not be available to attend on either of our Document Submission days (which are Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th August), then you must download, complete and submit these documents to us in advance. Please also notify us by email in this case.

Please note: until all required documentation has been received, your place in the Sixth Form cannot be confirmed.

*Checklist of documentation required

Data Collection Sheet

Consent for School Trips and Other Off-Site Activities

Dress Code Agreement

Home School Agreement to return to School

ICT Contract

Salbutamol Consent Form