Apprenticeships are an increasingly popular pathway for students and the Careers Team supports students who are interested in pursuing higher and degree apprenticeships. 

We have bespoke Teams channel for students interested in apprenticeships, where we share information and helpful advice on preparation and applying for an apprenticeship. We also connect current students with alumni who are able to mentor them through the often-rigorous interview process.    

How much do you know about apprenticeships? 

Apprenticeships are always 80% work and 20% study, and they are a partnership between an employer and a training provider like a university. A degree apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to gain a paid-for degree while getting industry experience and earning a salary.    

You can apply for apprenticeships alongside university applications through UCAS and we always recommend that our students do this. It’s often easier to find a place at a university than secure a degree apprenticeship! 

They are available in lots of industries, from hands-on fields like engineering to more office-based roles like business administration, finance, and law. There is now even a degree apprenticeship to become a doctor.   

There are almost 90 universities who partner with employers to offer degree apprenticeships, including Russell Group institutions like Warwick and Exeter.   

A degree apprenticeship is exactly the same as a degree that you would study full time, except it will be studied in a different way and your apprenticeship may also include additional qualifications and a professional accreditation which is an industry-wide qualification or certificate that demonstrates that you have the experiences, as well as the qualifications, to do that job role.   

Through apprenticeships, you will learn the skills and knowledge that your employer feels are the most relevant to your job role, making you more competitive and employable.   

  • You earn a salary and do not have any fees or debt for training and tuition.   

  • You have transferable experience and skills, having worked on real projects and tasks in a business environment from day one. You are immediately immersed in your industry, learning industry-specific skills and an understanding of its priorities and landscape.   

  • Your support network as an apprentice is vast, with your employer, colleagues, apprentice colleagues, training provider and many other networks providing both personal and professional support.  

  • Not only are you learning from experts and professionals within your organisation, but you will have opportunities to meet other professionals in the industry.   

Having so much practical experience, apprentices can often quickly progress through their organisation or industry.  

Contact the Careers Team ( and ask to be added to the bespoke Apprenticeship Teams channel if you’re interested in an apprenticeship.  

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