Department Vision

The principal aim of the Mathematics Department at Beths Grammar School is to maximise the development of the mathematical education of every pupil during their seven years with us, and realise that such learning and development is a partnership between parents, teachers and pupil.

Mathematics is creative as well as functional.  The Department aims to teach in a meaningful context, whilst providing opportunities for the pupils to use their skills creatively through problem solving and investigation.  Each teacher endeavours to provide a variety of experiences and activities within the programme of study and during a lesson where possible.  The Department uses and supports the rewards system, records achievement and sets targets for each pupil which relate directly to their ability.

To prepare Year 11's for their A Levels, please find a list below of complementary reading for this subject:

Maths/Further Maths '17 equations that changed the world' - Ian Stewart; 'The Colossal Book of Mathematics' - Martin Gardner; 'What is Mathematics Really?' by Reuben Hersh; 'Fermat's Last Theorem: The Story Of A Riddle That Confounded The World's Greatest Minds For 358 Years' - Simon Singh