Mandarin Excellence Programme

Mandarin Excellence Programme (MEP)

The Mandarin Excellence Programme is a new intensive language programme funded by the Department for Education, which will see at least 5000 school students in England on track to fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020.

Participating schools – with support from UCL Institute of Education and the British Council – are at the forefront of delivering the programme and funding is available to support successful delivery.

Students on the programme will study eight hours of Mandarin Chinese a week – including four hours of classroom taught lessons – with selected groups of students beginning from Year 7.

MEP at Beths
  • Beths is one of the first schools to delivery this UK-wide programme.  We offer 30 places to the current Year 7 students selected by the house aptitude
  • Method and period of study include two lunch and one double after school face-to-face sessions and four hours’ of independent learning
  • We use JINBU as our textbook and it is accompanied by on-line learning resource (Character booklet, Project booklet, Edmodo, Quizjet etc) assisting their independent learning
  • Students are assessed on vocabulary on a weekly basis.  There is also a hurdle test designed by the Institute of Education, UCL, at the end of each academic year.