Department Vision

The Mandarin Department at Beths offers growing numbers of students a first-rate opportunity to gain a valuable set on language skills for the future.  Chinese (we teach Mandarin) is offered in all year groups from 7-13, with an emphasis on maximising opportunities for cultural experiences, as well as high academic expectations in teh core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.  As well as both native and non-native speaking teaching staff, students also benefit from highly-qualified visiting teachers from China every year.  Our subject staff aim to nurture linguists with exceptional language skills, cultural knowledge and communicative ability. 

Following the Mandarin Excellence Programme two week visit to China during the Summer Term 2018, one of the Year 8 students who attended, Alex, has put together a website detailing what they did and learnt in China whilst on the trip.  Alex's website can be found by following this link: