Choosing a path to follow after Beths is certainly no easy task; even those who think they have an idea are likely to change their minds and still require guidance along the way.

In order to assist our sixth formers in making these choices, the school subscribes to Indigo, a careers and higher education platform which collates a wealth of useful information across its user-friendly and easy-to-follow website.

The team behind the reputable HEAP books and The Careers Leaders Handbook have worked hard to produce this online resource for students, which provides up-to-date labour market information, detailed university profiles and course comparisons, amongst other things.

Through a series of workshops and the support from the Sixth Form Team, each sixth former at Beths should be familiar with both their unique login information and how to make the most of the site. Students should contact the Sixth Form Team in the event that issues or uncertainties arise.

Indigo can be accessed here: indigo.trotman