Hurst House

My name is Amritsha and I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to be able to represent my house this year. As the sole House Captain for Hurst, I will endeavour to support the house members from every year group in each and every way I can. Having only entered the school in September, I expected it to be a fairly daunting experience, but being placed in a community with such a close house system has enabled me to settle and feel at ease quickly. 

I myself am a particularly competitive individual, a quality I hope to instil into those within my house. As the house captain for Hurst, I will be sure to motivate and spur on individuals in all types of competitions to boost morale; and encourage participation in all types of events among the year groups, particularly given the recent years when being together and competing together has proven to be difficult. I am keen to encourage students, particularly those who are also new to the school, to take on an active role in aiding the success of their house, as I am sure that this will also be beneficial for them in developing positive attributes such as confidence, the ability to work in teams well and being encouraging for others, as they progress up in the school. 

I aspire to be a figure that every member of the house can look up and relate to, but also be known as someone who is approachable; as I have also gone through the challenging experiences that can be faced in secondary school. I greatly look forward to being as positive a role model for Hurst, and being involved in as many positive experiences and successes to come. 

Amritsha, House Captain 2022/2023