Hurst House

I am grateful to have the privilege of serving as a House Captain of Hurst. As a House Captain, I aspire to make my house one that revolves around these core values: Hard work, Honesty, Humility and Hospitality.

I intend to encourage members of my house attain their maximum academic potential, enjoy exceptional extra-curricular activities and have a most fulfilling experience here at Beths. I believe in inclusively, equality and fairness. Therefore under my watch nobody will be left out, so as to help build a better and stronger community where we all would be proud to live in. I will to create high standards in order for my house to achieve excellence.

My main goal as House Captain is to promote a thriving ecosystem where every student will have a sense of belonging and are able to express their individualism and live in harmony with each other. - Kiki, House Captain 2019/2020


My name is Daniel Ademola and I am the Co-House Captain of Hurst. As house captain my main goal is to bring the community between all the houses as well as my own together. I am a very big believer of taking part and trying new things so I will personally be engaging with all the forms and pupils that are a part of Hurst to ensure that everyone has a chance to represent the house. I am a competitive individual and I always strive to be the best, especially when it comes to sports, so I will be heavily involved in house competitions and making sure sporting achievements are recognised.

I am an easily approachable person so if you have any questions and you see me in school, feel free to ask me any questions. - Daniel Ademola, House Captain 2019/2020