Hurst House

I am honoured to have been entrusted with the privilege of the role as Hurst House Captain. As part of my position, it is my job to cement the Hurst core values into place while simultaneously working to bring the community together. As a student that has attended Beths since starting from year 7, I developed a powerful sense of belonging within my school community – something I believe I would never be able to find again. One of my mains ambitions for the year is to ensure that all members of my house experience the same sense of belonging and inclusion in all aspects of their school life. I strongly believe that through my passion for sport, I developed a sense of brotherhood. Stepping onto the pitch alongside my teammates, I’d be assured in the knowledge that each and every person would have my back not only on the field of play. This is something I feel certain can be transferred to within a schooling environment and I’d look to do this by promoting team-work and engaging students to working collectively to complete given tasks. As House captain, I’m determined to inspire younger students to take an active role within the school environment while motivating them to actively engage in the opportunities they have been given. I hope that I can be a someone students can look up to and be an inspiration so that one day, they can come and do a better job than me.

Daniel, House Captain 2020/2021


As Vice House Captain, I aspire to improve the level of participation, teamwork and achievement in Hurst, as well as around the school. Being a determined and diligent individual has allowed me to excel in my chosen sport, thus being able to understand and teach the concept of perseverance. I am a very competitive person and I hope to array my ambitious character to inspire the other students. This will create an atmosphere of competitive spirit and healthy rivalry during all types of competitions between students and other houses. Sporting events provide an avenue for students to demonstrate their talents outside of the classroom and form friendships across the school. This will instil values of hard work, honesty, humility and hospitality during moments of victory or defeat.

Jessica, House Captain 2020/2021