House System

House System

At Beths, every student is allocated to a house.  In Years 7-13, everyone in each form is in the same house.  The houses are:

Abbey Yellow
Brampton Red
Cray Lilac
Eardley Blue
Hurst Green
Wickham Light Grey

House Points

The House system at Beths was set up to enhance the sense of community within the school.

It encourages participation in sporting and cultural activities, and promotes leadership and personal development.  The House System provides a framework for participation in a variety of in-school activities, competitions and events across the co-curricular programme.

Students are assigned to one of six Houses when they begin school and stay in the same House until they leave.  Each house is named after an area of Bexley, enhancing the schools sense of community within the local area.

Students can earn points for their House by participating in various sporting and cultural competitions throughout the year.  These include the ever-popular MFL Bake off event, International dress up day, House Music Competition, and sporting events such as Cross Country, Sports Day and Fifa competitions .

In the classroom environment and around the school, students can gain house points for displaying positive behaviour, including completing work well, going out of their way to help others and showing initiative.

A special Certificate of Commendation is awarded to students throughout the year, as appropriate to the number of commendations received: 20 for Bronze, 50 for Silver, 80 for Gold, 160 Double Gold, 240 Treble Gold and finally 320 for Four-Gold.  Additionally, at the end of the academic year, the House whose students have accumulated the greatest number of points is awarded the House Cup. 

Alex Nika

Abbey House Captain


Abbey Vice-Captain

Jedida Phillips                                     

Brampton House Captain


Brampton Vice-Captain

Jack Beerling                 

Cray House Captain


Cray Vice-Captain

Louise Palmer                         

Eardley House Captain


Eardley Vice-Captain

Amritsha Gill

Hurst House Captain


Hurst Vice-Captain

Adiel Boboye

Wickham House Captain


Wickham Vice-Captain