House Hero

Each month our House Co-Ordinator awards a House Hero accolade to students.  Teachers are asked to nominate students who have displayed the Beths core values.

April/May 2019


Thabiso M, 8A

He is an outstanding student in the Form and Year Group.  He is often willing to help anyone in need and in class I have even seen him go against the tide to stick up for someone who has been singled out.  He is a hard worker in lessons, always striving for top marks.  He also is one to get involved around the school.  He represents out Form in the School Council, gets active in the PE Department and as well, studies multiple musical instruments.  Overall, he is an excellend example of a top Beths student!



Frankie L, 10B

A cheery, smily, charming young man.,  Always willing to help out,  A great spokesperson who is confident and mature.  He has a really kind nature and is very committed to being involved in the wider Beths community.  He is highly respected by his peers and has an excellent balance between hs academic students and his extracurricular activities. 



Alexander S, 7C

In the category of 'nurture'.  It has been noticed that Alex has been particularly kind and inclusive to a classmate with Individual Needs who struggles in PE and Games.  Alex is tolerant, kind, nurturing and encouraging.  Academically, Alex has been outstanding across all his subjects so far this year.  You couldn't ask for more. 



Omotayo B, 10E

Omotayo is a hardworking, driven student with commitment to Beths,.  He is part of a successful Year 10 Basketball team, displaying attitude which is exceptional both on and off the court.  Staff members have praised his maturity and consistently polite and humble demeanour.



Sachin M, 9H

Sachin is highly motivated and incredibly talented.  He always works really well and is always challenging himself to more.  He has a lovely kind manner and is always smiling.  He is also very modest, an absolute pleasure to see in the lessons and around the wider school. 



Owen W, 10W  

Owen is a credit to his House.  He helped create a Year 7 Inter-House Coding Competition earlier this year and regularly impresses large crows with his percussions skills!  A very Worthy Wickham candidate for this month, performing in Oliver! and the Spring Concert, whilst balancing his studies.