Department Vision 

The Geography department aims to motivate and involve students in world issues both in their immediate vicinity and globally.  Geographers are charged with the tasks of viewing the world through two lenses:  one being geophysical - studying the topography and physical landscape of our angry earth and the other being socio-economic - learning about the intrinsic important of society and understanding how economic change can shape our lives.  Topics are widely diverse, including the Antarctic, Development, Resource Management and Hot Desert.  Issues such as inequality, globalisation and urbanisation are discussed in the hope that students better understand the need for collective, global citizenry to preserve our beautiful planet.  At every Key Stage we also use GIS to promote IT in the subject and to weave core skills into the fabric of our curriculum.

To prepare Year 11's for their A Levels, please find a list below of complementary reading for this subject:

Geography 'Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics' - Tim Marshall