Extra Curricular Activities

At Beths Grammar we offer students a range of extra curricular activities during lunchtimes and after school ensuring there is something for everyone.

A list of activities currently running are detailed below:

  Lunchtime After School

Extra Curricular Lunchtime and After School Activities


Maths Club, Year 7, B15

Law Society/Bar Mocks Trials, Year 10, 11 & 12, C5

Basketball Training, Year 7, Sports Hall

Maths Cafe, Year 11, B10

Production - Vocal Rehearsal (invitation only), P1

Rugby Training, All Years, Field

Girls Basketball, KS5, Sports Hall

Chemistry Revision, Year 11, S8


Christian Union, All Years, M1

DT Club, Year 7, 8 & 9, DT Hub

Table Tennis Club, All Years, Sports Hall

Production - Acting Rehearsals (Invitation Only) P3/Stage School

Volleyball, All Years, Spots Hall

Maths Intervention, B14


Basketball Training, Year 8, Sports Hall

Debate Club, KS3, B2

DoE Bronze, Year 10, M1

Robotics Club, Year 7, 8 & 9, A6

Warhammer & Board Games, All Years, S1

Football Training, Year 7, Field

Basketball Training, Year 11 & 13, Sports Hall


Politics, Philosophy & Economics, KS5, M3

Choir, All Years, P2

Basketball Training, Year 10, Sports Hall

Book Club - KS3

Chinese Experience Club, KS3, S16

DoE Silver, Year 11, M1


Big Band, All Years, P2

Basketball Training, Year 9, Sports Hall

Rugby, Year 7, Field


Chess Club, All Year, MCC

Film Club, All Years, B4

Badminton Club, All Years, Sports Hall

DoE Bronze, Year 10, M1

Orchestra, All Years, Hall

Computers are available for all students every day at lunchtime in ICT1 and 2
Homework Club for all students takes place every day from 8.00-8.40 and again from 15.30-16.30 in the LRC