Enrolment Forms for Sixth Form Applicants New to Beths

This section is for students new to Beths who have received an offer of a place in Year 12 for September 2018.  Further information regarding enrolment into Year 12 can also be found on the Induction Information page (and in the Handbook).

Once you have confirmed your place in the Sixth Form by submitting your results and completing the online ‘enrolment’ process - you will then need to submit the enrolment forms (as detailed below) before you can be fully admitted into the school.

The enrolment forms numbered 1 - 6 should all be downloaded, completed and submitted on Tuesday 28th August  (with your ID and confirmation of your results)  - at our ‘Document Submission day’.

Please use the checklist* provided to ensure that you have all the required documentation with you on that day.

*Checklist of documentation required