Eardley House

Being a member of Eardley for the past six years has given me the opportunity to appreciate the core values of Eardley: Excellence, Ebullience and Empathy. Through my role as House Captain I will strive to instil these values into every member of Eardley.

My main goal is to ensure everyone feels included in the House and throughout the school. I want to achieve this by including everyone in House events that will be occurring throughout the year, so that as many students as possible can represent their house in the wider school community. I also aim to encourage every member of Eardley to achieve their full potential both in academia and in their lives so that they receive the best possible experience at Beths.

Ultimately, I want to ensure that everyone in my Form and at Beths has a chance to grow into well-rounded individuals, who integrate well into society and work together with their peers to overcome the challenges they will face.

Matthew Q, House Captain 2019/2020