Dress Code

This is the current Sixth Form Dress but please note, this is under review.

Students in the Sixth Form at Beths provide a role model to the rest of the school and as such, are expected to dress smartly at all times during the school day, and on the way to and from school, to reflect their senior status.

Sixth Form dress code for both male and female students must therefore be appropriate for a formal business environment.

  • A suit jacket/blazer must be worn at all times
  • A formal shirt/blouse must be worn at all times
  • Boys must wear our school tie at all times
  • Girls must wear our school tie on formal occasions
  • Jumpers are in addition to, not instead of, jackets/blouses
  • Jumpers must be V-neck
  • Skirts/dresses must be of appropriate office environment length
  • Jeans, leather, suede and leggings are not appropriate 
  • Hoodies, du-rags and trainers are not appropriate
  • Office environment footwear must be worn
  • Make-up/jewellery/accessories must be discreet and subtle
  • Religious headwear is allowed, but faces must be visible
  • Logos must be discreet  

We reserve the right to send students home for breaches of the Sixth Form Dress Code.