Sixth Form Dress Code

Beths Sixth Form Dress Code 

Our Sixth Form students are role models for the entire school in every respect, including uniform.

  • A suit jacket/blazer must be worn at all times around site, unless Summer Order is announced by the Headteacher. 
  • Lanyards must be worn and visible at all times. This is a safeguarding requirement.
  • Student attire must follow one of the following pathways: 

Pathway A:

Pathway B:

Pathway C:

  • A full, matching suit
  • Collared shirt
  • The school tie
  • Office appropriate footwear
  • lanyard
  • A formal blouse/top
  • Smart trousers or skirt
  • A smart jacket
  • The school badge
  • Office appropriate footwear
  • lanyard
  • A formal dress of appropriate office length
  • A smart jacket
  • The school badge
  • Office appropriate footwear
  • lanyard
  • Students must wear either the school tie or the school badge at all times. Non-school ties are not permitted unless with permission of the Head of Sixth Form (county/international ties for example.) Students wearing a collared shirt must wear a tie.
  • All students must wear a school tie on formal occasions.
  • Plain jumpers are in addition to, not instead of, jackets/blazers. Hoodies are not permitted.
  • Skirts/dresses must be of appropriate office environment length.
  • Jeans, leather, suede, and leggings are not allowed.
  • Office environment footwear must be worn. Trainers are not allowed apart from during sporting activities. 
  • Make-up/jewellery/accessories must be discreet and subtle.
  • Religious headwear is allowed, but faces must be visible. Other headwear is not allowed.
  • Logos on all clothing must be discreet  

The dress code presented here is not an exhaustive list of items that are allowed and disallowed.

Students should approach their uniform with the intension of dressing smartly, as is they were attending a job interview. Where students are not taking this approach, but are not directly contravening the dress code, we will reiterate expectations and expect the issue to be corrected.

We reserve the right to send students home for breaches of the Sixth Form Dress Code.