Cray House

Joining the school as an external last year,  I had not expected the warm welcome to which Beths has offered.  Having said this however, this warmth was soon extended through the welcome as house captain of Cray, giving me an immediate understanding of the natural caring nature in which members of Cray obtain.  With drive, these individuals participate in house events with the end motive of winning, and where the win may not be achieved, are always driven by confidence in themselves to achieve in the next. Factors such as this which make me proud to the house captain.

As part of the numerous charity events held within the school year, it’s clear that members of Cray house have shown a selfless attitude, willing and motivated to participate, giving up their time thus continuously to aid this cause raising money for those in need.  Courage ,Candour and Sovereignty the three values in which I believe rightly represent the individuals of this house positively influencing the Beths environment.  Courage-to have belief in themselves as individuals to advocate what is right even in times of uncertainty, Candour and respect, towards others understanding that respect isn’t an attribute that comes with age but instead based on your respect towards others, going out of your way to ensure the well-being of others.  Lastly, I believe that in concordance with attaining these values comes earned sovereignty, where you are entrusted with significant responsibility due to the level of maturity displayed.

To conclude, I wish Cray house continuing  success in this current academic year, continue your acts of goodwill, continue to drive and continue to represent Cray.  The right way.

M Ashong, House Captain