Cray House

My name is Jack and I am delighted to be the House Captain of Cray.  As House Captain, my main goal for Cray is to strive for victory in every house competition, no matter the year group or activity as I believe that Cray is capable of success in every field.  We have a huge abundance of talent in this house in so many different areas and I would like to utilise and focus this talent over the coming year.  Having been a member of Cray from Year 7, I have been in your shoes and learnt and applied Cray’s fundamental values of competitiveness, contribution and confidence and these are values I hope to instil in every member of Cray during my time as House Captain.  Whilst it will be fantastic to aim for success in every event or competition I also want everyone who participates to really enjoy taking part and above all I hope to build a sense of community and togetherness in the Cray house. 

Jack, House Captain 2022/2023