Cray House

My name is Pelumi, and I am a member of the Senior Team, with the role of House Captain. I am here to make sure everyone in Beths’, especially my house, Cray, is included in a wide range of activities that they enjoy and do well in, regardless of the activity classes. I endeavour for excellence and possess a competitive spirit which is expressed in sports, academic and other extra-curricular interests such as debating. I have a passion for helping others and advocating for as many people as possible. Throughout the year, I will be encouraging all year groups to partake in various extra-curricular activities and inter-house competitions. Our House’s key values that we strive for everyone in our house to adopt, is to be courageous, conscientious and confident. I personally will always be making sure that all students adopt these values and will provide the help and resources needed to do so. All students should be assured that they are able to express their ideas and confide in me whenever. I hope we all enjoy the year we have together as a House and all work together to be the best house yet! - Pelumi Olan, House Captain 2019/2020


As a member of proud member of Cray since I joined the school in year 7, I am delighted to have the opportunity to represent my house as House Captain. Introduced to me as the sporting house I aim to continue this tradition with excellent participation across all years and in all competitions: ranging from football and rugby to gaming and drama. Our core values which each Cray student embodies are: courageous, contentious and confident. With such brilliant students I am certain that Cray will continue to demonstrate outstanding feats both in extra-curricular activities and working with their fellow house members in the classroom. - Joseph Collins, House Captain 2019/2020