Cray House

My name is Ronald and I am honoured to be the house captain of Cray. I feel it is very important for students to have someone who is also of youth to look up to and therefore I’m motivated to be the best role model to the students of Cray House. My main goal for the house is for each individual to be able to consistently bring a high level of competitiveness, contribution, and confidence to everything they do in order to perform to the best of their ability. Having a passion for sports taught me the importance of these values which are very necessary for success at school and life in general. I will strive for participation in house events and I’m confident that Cray house will be victorious in every endeavour this year.  

Ronald, House Captain 2020/2021


Only recently joining the school in Year 12, I am delighted to have the opportunity to represent my house as Vice House Captain. Introduced to me as the sporting house, I aim to continue this tradition with excellent participation across all years and in all competitions: we will be ‘Certified’ winners! Our key words and values for this year are: Certified, Competitiveness, Contribution and Confidence. With such brilliant students having varied talents, I am certain that Cray will continue to demonstrate outstanding feats both in extra-curricular activities and working with their fellow house members in the classroom.

Aslan, House Captain 2020/2021