Contextual Information for UCAS Tutors

Students in the Sixth Form at Beths Grammar School will study A Level courses (only).

The school policy is: that all students study a core programme of at least three courses in Year 12. Some students may opt to study four, and those who wish to study Further Mathematics, do so as a double option alongside A Level Maths, plus two other subjects.

In Year 13, students will continue on their programme of three (A Level) courses, although some students may also continue on four.

In the summer exam series of 2019 - students in Year 12 were not routinely entered for linear AS examinations.

UCAS Predicted Grades:

UCAS predicted grades are based on the professional judgement of subject teachers and are informed by:

  • Year 12 Trial (internal) examinations
  • Teacher assessment throughout Year 12, including assessed classwork, homework, test scores and coursework/controlled assessments
  • ALPS and FFT
  • Individual circumstances which may have contributed to a performance below expectations either during the year or during trial/public exams.