Contextual Information for UCAS Tutors

School policy is: that all students study a core programme of at least three courses in Year 12.  Some students may have opted to study four.

A small number of our most able students may have taken early AS levels in Year 11 – some of these students will have then completed full A level courses by the end of Year 12 (please see ‘Early Entry’ below for further information).

In Year 13, most students will continue with a programme of three (A level) courses. Exceptional students may continue with more than three A levels in Year 13.

In the summer exam series of 2018, students in Year 12 were not entered for linear AS examinations.

Early Entry:

To stretch and challenge our most able students, Beths had a well-established programme of allowing Year 11 students to study for one or more full AS level alongside a full programme of GCSEs.   However, with the introduction of the new style GCEs, early entry AS levels have now been phased out of our Key Stage 4 curriculum. The current Year 13 cohort are the last students to experience early entry AS and A levels at Beths; some students may therefore have achieved a full A level in Maths, Electronics or Computer Science during the 2018 examination series.

UCAS Predicted Grades:

UCAS predicted grades are based on the professional judgement of subject teachers and are informed by:

  • Year 12 Trial (internal) examinations
  • Year 13 First Trial examinations
  • Teacher assessment throughout the year, including assessed classwork, homework, test scores and coursework/controlled assessments
  • ALPS
  • Individual circumstances which may have contributed to a performance below expectations either during the year or during trail/public exams.