Coach Service

We are pleased to advise that our promised coach service in Orpington and the surrounding areas has begun!

The route and timings are as below:

Pick up

07:15am The Highway/Stirling Drive (Stop M)

07:16am Warren Road/Woodside Bus Stop 

07:26am Locksbottom St Michael's Church (Stop HJ)

07:33am Orpington Station (Stop B)

07:35am Spur Road Orpington War Memorial (Stop P)

07:37am Spur Road (Top End/Court Road)

07:39am Court Road Green Lane (Stop C) 

07:43am Perry Hall School (Stop A)

07:46am Poverest Road/Chislehurst Road (Stop T)

07:54am Sevenoaks Way/Midfield Way (Stop D)



15:50pm Depart Beths Grammar School - Hartford Road (Bus Stop J)

16:10pm Sevenoaks Way/Midfield Way

16:18pm Poverest Road/Chislehurst Road (Stop X)

16:21pm Perry Hall School (Stop P)

16:24pm Court Road Green Lane (Stop B)

16:26pm Spur Road (Top End/Court Road)

16:28pm Spur Road Orpington War Memorial (Stop N)

16:31pm Orpington Station (Stop A)

16:35pm Locksbottom St Michael's Church (Stop HK)

16:45pm Warren Road/Woodside Bus Stop 

16:50pm The Highway/Stirling Drive (Stop D)

These timings are subject to slight change, with traffic etc.

Parents and carers are asked to pay for this service on a termly basis.

The costs works out at £6.50 per day, return.

Should you have any further queries about the coach service, please email





Updated 23/09/21