British Values

British Values

The instilling of traditional values is at the heart of our school; it can be found within our school aims:
  • To enable each student to maximise their academic potential and develop individual talents
  • To provide education with character, embracing a wide range of enrichment activities
  • To provide a stimulating, caring and secure environment, building on traditional values and standards
  • To challenge students to acquire individual responsibility  respecting the views, values and beliefs of others whilst developing their own
  • To create a culture which reflects our technologically advanced era and promotes innovation
  • To work with a wide range of partners to ensure young people are able to take full advantage of the lifetime opportunities open to them

It is also embedded into our curriculum and policies.

Below are the documents which directly address/incorporate the five key aspects of British values, as set out by the Government in the 2011 Prevent Strategy:


  • Student Council
  • Teaching and Learning policy

Rule of Law

  • Behaviour, Rewards and Support policy
  • Discipline statement
  • Anti-Bullying policy

Individual Liberty

  • Complaints Procedure
  • Equality policy
  • Pupil Records policy

Mutual Respect

  • Beths Houses
  • Equality policy
  • Teaching and Learning policy
  • Anti-Bullying policy

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

  • Collective Worship policy
  • Equality policy