Brampton House

Being a House Captain at Beths has enabled me the opportunity to think about the core values of a school community, and I will strive to embed these into Brampton, through various house group and inter year activities. It is important to me that despite diversity which makes a community unique and thrive, we still remain in unison, through our shared effort to make Beths a positive environment, and also to impact wider society. Thus, a key aim of mine will be to ensure we contribute to raising money and awareness for charity, and also to make a vast effort to ensure the wellbeing of all students. - Trudi Auletta, House Captain 2019/2020

My name is Folu, I am an avid believer in the importance of participation and having a positive team mentality. Being a lover of sports I will strive for maximum involvement in all house events of all varieties. I am also a very approachable and friendly person willing to listen to all of your enquiries and concerns. - Folu Fatai, House Captain 2019/2020