Brampton House

My name is Aleyna Ozmutlu and I am the Vice House Captain of Brampton. As Vice Captain my visions for this year are success, kindness and motivation. I want to encourage success in Brampton during House Competitions and other school activities, as I believe Brampton is capable of success in every field. I also want to encourage kindness because it is easier to achieve our goals through kindness and helping one another rather than trying to accomplish everything individually. Although I believe independence is an important feature, I also think that working together will instil a sense of community within Brampton.

Aleyna, House Captain 2020/2021


My name is Jeff and I am the House Captain of Brampton. As House Captain, my main goal for Brampton is to strive for success in every house competition, no matter the year group or activity. Having been a member of Brampton since Year 7, I have learnt core values of hard work, loyalty and respect; attributes I hope to instil in every member of Brampton during my time as House Captain.

Jeff, House Captain 2020/2021