Abbey House

An Abbey student is like no other. Beyond the yellow-striped tie, an Abbey student is set apart by their attitude. As a House, we pride ourselves not just on our sporting ability, our wide range of skills across the departments or even our accumulation of house points - but instead on our attitude. Above all else, in my opinion, our attitude to everything we do is what sets us apart (and above) the other Houses. In everything we do, we carry ourselves with passion and determination.

Throughout my years in the lower school as part of Abbey, we always approached every event with a “win or have fun trying” attitude. I remember fondly the days of house football, when we quietly knew we might not always have the best team or the best tactics, yet we still gave it our all and had fun in the process - though that’s not to say we don’t rack up the wins here and there. As house captain, I hope to keep driving and seeing this attitude from every individual. Early year 13, when I pass the baton to the next leader, I’ll know that I’ve been successful if I’ve got everybody involved in the house; Abbey is nothing without the people that make it. Additionally, I hope to smash previous fundraising records and break new boundaries with the events we run, in order to make sure there is always something engaging and exciting going on for every student. At the end of the education of an Abbey student, I hope they can look back on their time at Beths and remember the positive memories of their house and the role they played in it.

Kieran, House Captain 2020/2021


As the vice house captain of Abbey, I would love to encourage students to take their academics as their first priority, while also taking into account their mental health - and one of the key ways to Improve mental heath is through sport activities. For this reason your house captain (Kieran) and I promote sporting actives which are available to all students, and for those students who do not enjoy sporting activities, other activities such as spelling bees, quizzes etc are conducted outside lessons giving students a break from the work load of homework, tests and especially exams.

Maintaining the school rules and values is also top priority, as each and every student needs to adhere to the schools regulations, therefore setting a perfect example for the students is what I as Abbey’s vice house captain will do.

Chidera, House Captain 2020/2021