Abbey House

Being in the Abbey house as an internal student has created some of best memories I have had at Beths, not just contributing to the greatest house but being alongside my closest friends whilst doing so.  

This is why when the opportunity to be House Captain opened up I took up the responsibilities. Throughout my time as house captain alongside Ryan I will strive for every member to have the same and hopefully even better experiences. This will be through further successful campaigns in house competitions as well as support day to day and in engaging assemblies so that we can all progress further as a house community. A school-wide goal for myself is to continue the value of excellence at Beths by opening up further opportunities to students in the older years as they progress into life after sixth form.

However, caring for ourselves who are in somewhat of a privileged position is not enough and I am looking forward to fundraising we as a school can accomplish throughout the year. - Olulana, House Captain 2019/2020


As the Abbey house captain, I am hoping to encourage students to reach their potential by persevering to show the high Beths standards. Hopefully, through me they'll learn core skills which will enable them to improve in their academics as well as their mental health. I am very passionate about mental health and want to make sure that school isn't boring for students but something that they can look forward to coming to everyday. I am also looking to push students to do extra-curricular activities so that they create strong bonds with each other which is fundamental for growth and to create an environment, where they can interact with each other.

My goal as a house captain will be to ensure that Students feel welcomed at Beths and that they enjoy every day at school as they progress onto harder challenges. - Ryan Niathi, House Captain 2019/2020