Just Like Us awards - July 2023

Just Like Us LGBTQP+ awards - July 2023

On Thursday 13th June, we arrived at Charing Cross at 6:15pm and walked along the Embankment to the JP Morgan & Chase building (who also sponsored the event). When we arrived at the JP Morgan building, we were greeted by Frankie from 'Just Like Us', a LGBTQ+ youth charity, who told us how the evening was going to run, where the gender neural toilets were and took us to a quiet room where we could spend time colouring and communicating with the other schools from South Wales and Dorset.

When the time reached 7:30 we went into the award room where the main event took place. During the ceremony, there was spectacular food from burgers to cakes and there were well recognised icons in attendance such as Corinna Brown and Tobie Donovan (from the cast of Heartstopper), Megan Jayne Crabbe, Char Bailey, Layton Williams and more. During the event there was music which included a performance from Keanan, jokes, speeches and everyone chanting ‘Trans people are loved’. Throughout the evening there were many spectacular awards given out such as the ‘Inclusive Teacher of the Year’ and ‘Pride Group of the Year’ for which we were nominated (Beths Grammar came 2nd!). - By Kai W

I am so incredibly proud of all the hard work, dedication and courage of these young people! They represented Beths admirably and we are very grateful to have received a very prestigious second place out of hundreds of schools. It was lovely to see some of the ambassadors that have been delivering speeches at Beths this year as well as an unexpected introduction to an ex-student of Beths, who couldn't believe that there was a Pride Group at the school! Every day, these young people show up as their authentic selves and their courage, resilience and joy constantly inspires me in my role and as a human being. Slowly but surely, we are changing the culture of Beths where it is safe and possible for everyone to be who they are and where compassion, respect and celebration are at the heart of our school culture, regardless of background and identity! Let's aim for 1st place next year, team! - By Ms Harris