Year 9 trip to The British Museum and Chinatown

On 20th April 2022, the Year 9 Mandarin Excellence Programme students took a trip to The British Museum and Chinatown, London. 

Ni hao,
This term we travelled to China Town in London and the British Museum (China and South Asia exhibition). Firstly, the British Museum was fulfilled with wonder! This experience was amazing and upmost interesting. We were able to view spectacular historical monuments that had meaningful backgrounds. This really broadened my knowledge about the history of China. My personal favourite collection was the 20 dragon tiles as it looked beautiful. We really understood this experience through the help of our MEP worksheet. After this visit, we travelled our way to the well-known restaurant on China Town: Golden Phoenix. I really enjoyed their dishes, and if you were there you could see all of us loving and enjoying the Chinese food! I loved the pork chops and sweet + sour chicken. After this scrumptious lunch, I got bubble tea which was extremely nice! Overall, this experience will be unforgettable and it was truly extraordinary!

- Daron 9A


Ni hao!
This term, we went on a MEP trip to the British Museum and Chinatown. The British Museum was brilliant and eye-opening. There were plenty of unique items with lots of historical background. The experience was very pleasant and greatly thought through. We also did a MEP worksheet which was very enjoyable. Once we had completed our visit in the British Museum, we went to China Town and proceeded to go to a restaurant called Golden Phoenix. The dishes they served was splendid, and we loved the challenging of using chopsticks.My favourite dish was the egg fried rice. After dining in the restaurant, we went to explore China Town and purchased items from each shop. There were lots of amazing and distinctive things to buy. Overall this experience was truly amazing, and I would love to visit these places again.
- Mikhail  9A