Year 8 and Year 9 – ‘A taste of Italy’

Trip to a local Italian restaurant 

On 10th and 17th of March the MFL Department organised a visit to a local Italian restaurant with Y8 and Y9 Italian students. We left the school at lunch time with the boys heading to Melucci’s, a typical Italian restaurant in Bexley. In the small and cosy “ambience”, surrounded by “panettoni” hanging from the ceiling and tomatoes tins and pasta on the shelves. After having ordered their food and drinks in Italian, the students ate the delicious authentic food whilst listening to typical Italian music. They also had a good chat with the Italian staff who were impressed by their level of Italian. Their behaviour was impeccable and they represented the school as true gentlemen conducting themselves impeccably walking through Bexley village and in the restaurant. Signora Maria, the restaurant owner, could not stop praising them. All students really loved the opportunity to experience this taste of Italy.

Some of their comments:

  • “Va bene! The food was extremely delicious
  • and the waiters kind”,
  • “The cannoli were very good and the
  • lasagne had a cheesy taste”
  • “The cannoli was extremely incredible”
  • “ The trip was exquisite!”
  • “The food was amazing. The music brought images of Italian scenery. Dessert was my favourite!”
  • “Va bene, ciao, bellissimo!”
  • “It’s a long day if you didn’t come here!”
  • “The food was inspiring, the atmosphere was electric and the staff were supportive”
  • “The atmosphere was incredible”
  • “The food was extremely delicious, the waiters were extremely kind, it was nice and cosy, just like an authentic Italian restaurant”
  • “I enjoyed the food even though despite being a picky eater”