Arkwright Engineering Scholarship applications



This year's Arkwright Engineering Scholarship is now open for potential Year 11 candidates. This is a prestigious award that gives a great opportunity for the chosen applicant to gain funding and mentoring for Engineering. This scheme also opens a whole world of opportunities for University and Industry placements in Engineering.

I will be putting together a short list of potential candidates in the coming weeks and would like you to come and see me if you feel you have the potential to become an Arkwright Engineering Scholar.

Applicants must be high achieving in any subjects directly related to Engineering i.e.

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Electronics
  • and have the potential and ambition to pursue a career in this field. Engineering is a very competitive industry and this Scholarship will help you stand out from other potential employees in the future.

Please see Ms Commerford or Mr Beaney for more information.