Week Ending Friday 15 February 2019

Week Ending Friday 15 February 2019

Year 7 Parents Evening

It’s the first parents evening for Year 7 students.  Parents, please make sure you book your appointments via our online system on the school’s website.  Bookings close on Monday 25 February at Midnight.

Italian Lunch

Year 8 students studying Italian enjoyed a lunch time of eating homemade vanilla ice cream with a shot of coffee – the famous and tasty Italian dessert, ‘affogato.’  They listened to Italian music and learnt how the Italian coffee maker works (the water boiling up the contraption, through the coffee, creating the smooth, silky coffee drink!)  We were joined by Year 10s who love Italian and who helped serve, and also joined in the eating!

We all had lots of fun and students really enjoyed tasting affogato – parents, you should ask them to make it for you – it really is very good!

Grazie for coming – what shall we have next time?