Week Ending Friday 1 February 2019

Week ending Friday 1 February 

MFL Fairtrade Public Speaking Competition

On Thursday 31 January, Year 9 gathered in the Hall for the annual MFL Fair Trade Public Speaking Competition, where the top groups in each of the 6 MFL1 classes had to present in the target language; French or Spanish; about fair trade, fair trade products and about bettering the lives of workers on banana, chocolate and coffee plantations.  They did an amazing job, incorporating facts, figures and high level sentences into what they delivered.  They should be as proud of themselves as we are of them for what they are able to do!

It was extremely difficult to decide on winners, however, the top three groups were those of Eugene, Tom and Ahsan, Poli and Jeffron and Sayd, Tom, Sam and Imisioluwa.

Well done boys! You did a fantastic job!