Week Ending Friday 14 December 2018

Week ending Friday 14 December 2018

‘Boy of the Term’ and ‘General Excellence’ Awards for Year 10

In the Year 10 assembly on Wednesday 5th December we awarded certificates and prizes to our top students, in recognition of their outstanding attitude to learning and quality of homework in the recent reports. 

In total, 26 students were awarded ‘General Excellence Awards’ for producing top quality reports which document their outstanding commitment to their studies since their return to school in September.

In addition to this, we also awarded the ‘Boy of the Term’ awards to three students who achieved all ‘1’ grades in every subject for attitude to learning and quality of homework – Outstanding in every single subject!  Brilliant work this term and no doubt they will be working even harder to maintain this top position.

Conversation has already started about who will be receiving the next batch of Honours Ties – things are heating up!

The photo shows KJ, Musa and Adrian with their ‘Boy of the Term’ certificates.  They clearly seemed delighted with their achievement - well done!