Week ending Friday 21 July 2017

What an incredibly busy end to the school year!  We hope you enjoy reading this extended Blog and wish you very happy summer break.

It is has been an action-packed year with much success, a few surprises along the way and a lot to reflect upon.  As it is my chance to write a blog, I would like to take a few moments to give my thanks to you all.  I am very grateful for all the support that I and the school continues to receive. 

I joined Beths in 1999 as Head of Mathematics and progressed onto the Senior Leadership Team where I have been a member for the past 15 years, primarily creating and overseeing the curriculum and timetables for all students so, in effect, I have been very much there for students but not always in the public eye. However, with Dr Maxim taking a personal and professional decision to move on from Beths, I have the fantastic opportunity to lead this great school from the front and I hope that you continue to feel that the school is providing an outstanding education for its students.  I will continue to lead the school in September and it is my intention to drive it onto further successes over the coming year with even better examination results than we currently enjoy.

Our U14 Football and U15 Rugby teams became National Champions this year and I am proud of the students who contributed to these victories, to the staff who dedicated much time and effort to the preparation of the squads and to the parents who played their parts in supporting the boys on their journey to success.

On the examination front, it was a very busy summer with a number of firsts.  The first sittings of the GCSE 9-1 qualifications in English Language, English Literature and Mathematics occurred in May and June and we wish those students every success.  At A Level, the first tranche of 14 linear qualifications were sat and this process will be completed over the coming two years when all A Levels will be linear courses.  Again, I wish those students who took these exams every success.  It brings back memories of when I did A Levels!

With students out and about on a variety of learning opportunities outside the classroom such as Work Experience, Camp and various Activities during this last week of term it has been very pleasing to receive communications from members of the public stating how impressed they were by the politeness, and respectfulness of Beths students when out representing the school.  It is very important that we capitalise on this positivity since we live in such a media-rich and image-conscious society where the perception of the School is paramount.

The Summer Soiree and Art Exhibition showcased the exceptional talent that the school currently enjoys and those who attended both evenings were treated to a rich experience.  Special mention goes to the Musicians and Year 7 Choir who played at The Bexley Civic Offices to celebrate the induction of the authority’s new qualified teachers into the profession.  They were a real credit to Beths.

Our new Year 5 events, where we invited a number of parents into the school during three mornings, was a great success and part of our drive to market the School further and showcase our strengths.  Look out for our Sixth Form campaign over the summer.

However on a less positive note, I do need to address the continued lack of behaviour of a very small minority of our students at the bus stops on Bourne Road and around the Village that gives an unfair opinion that local residents have of the School.  We all have our part to play in making Beths a pinnacle of excellence both inside and outside of the school grounds.  We are a proud school and students need to be proud of being a member of our school and behave accordingly.  We all have our parts to play in this – nobody wants to be associated with a place where high expectations are not met and where behaviour is not impeccable.

I wish everyone an enjoyable and relaxing summer break.  Stay safe and consider others before yourselves, I look forward to welcoming all students back in September for the next part of their academic and personal journey.