Week Ending Monday 9 October 2020

Contrary to the student planners, which were produced ahead of lockdown, we will no longer be having a Year 6 Open Event on Saturday 9 October so school WILL BE OPEN TO ALL STAFF AND STUDENTS, AS NORMAL, ON MONDAY 12 OCTOBER.

A reminder to students that, once they leave the school site, they are breaking the law if they mix in groups of more than six.

We have received numerous reports, not only from our neighbours in the Village, but also from retailers and restaurant owners in Bexleyheath that our students are not adhering to these rules.

Please can you again reiterate the importance of why your son or daughter should adhere to the ‘rule of six’.

We have a number of students who are coming to school in football/rugby boots and wearing them throughout the entire school day.  Walking on a hard service with football boots on is unhealthy for your feet and, over time, also wears down your studs, affecting your game and also can cause serious injury to other players as they can become sharp.  Additionally, it means that, especially with the current wet weather, mud is continuously being brought into the school and this takes our cleaners away from their role to sanitise classrooms and corridors for the safety of us all – which is obviously more important in the current climate.  If your child has football/rugby/Games he must come into school in trainers and change into his boots once on the field.

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