Week Ending Friday 2 October 2020

Message from the Headteacher

As you know, at the beginning of this week, we had to send the whole of Year 11 and an additional small group of Year 13 students home.  This was due to a couple more individuals testing positive for COVID-19. 

We received a number of queries as to why the whole of Year 11 were sent to self-isolate when we had not had to do the same with the Year 13 students.  All our decisions are taken following advice from the London Coronavirus Response Cell (LCRC) and they felt that, as there had been fewer students who had come into contact with the individual in Year 13, due to how their timetables are put together, we should try to keep as many of them in school because of the amount of time they had had out during the period of lockdown.

In the case of Year 11, over half the year group had come into contact with the individual and the advice was that they should all be sent to self-isolate.  This also makes teaching the whole year group simpler because all their lessons are now being taken virtually.

Further, it is important that, should your son or daughter be asked to self-isolate, we would ask that all parents please ensure that they do so.  This is for the health and safety of not only the school but the wider community.

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