Week Ending Friday 18 September 2020

Message from the Headteacher

As we come to the end of our third week back at school, we hope that all students are adapting to our ‘new normal’.  We know that the timetable is not as simple as pre-Covid-19 and that only being able to use certain recreational areas or catering facilities can be a pain, but this is for the safety of us all.

We are however, contining to update our procedures around the school and have already acted on some of your responses that came out from the survey earlier this week – details of which – I have covered below.

We continue to have to remind students that they should be wearing a face mask whilst inside the school site, excluding classrooms, to clean their work space with an antiseptic wipe before and after use and use the hand sanitiser available inside each room regularly.   Please can I ask parents and carers to also remind your son or daughter that wearing a mask is an expectation in and around the school site.  We do have a limited supply of disposable face masks which we are selling from our Reception for 50p each.  Please note that these are for students who either forget their mask or that the one they were wearing has broken.  We are unable to supply these for free but the cost of 50p is very competitive to the price you would pay in a supermarket such as Sainsbury’s.

Buses, at times, have continued to be an issue however, we are working with TfL and any contact parents can make with them, may also help the situation.  We staff the bus stops at the bottom of Hartford Road and ensure that students get the first available service in a controlled environment.

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