Week ending Friday 11 September

Message from the Headteacher

Following on from my letter to parents of 9 September, I thought it might be useful to give you a few more details.  As you know, as soon as we were notified that an individual within the school community had tested positive with Covid-19 we worked alongside the official bodies – LCRC (London Coronavirus Response Cell), Public Health Bexley and Bexley Local Authority – who in the case of LCRC and Public Health Bexley, are medical experts in this field.  The NHS Test and Trace team were provided with all contacts the individual had been in close contact with 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms (the infectious period), all of which were outside of school.  Upon our request the LCRC reviewed the Test and Trace database and confirmed that there was no additional risk to the school, however, they did emphasise that everyone needs to be aware that Coronavirus is present in London and throughout the country.  The individual contracted the virus at a sporting event not associated with the school.

As it was deemed by the LCRC that there was no risk to the school, no members of the school community were required to be sent home and a deep clean of the school was not necessary, however, a thorough clean of all the rooms was undertaken upon being informed of the positive result, using the methods advised in the Government guidelines.

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