Week Ending Friday 22 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – updates from the Headteacher

As we approach half-term it is with caution that I optimistically hope that the Government briefing at the end of next week brings news that secondary schools, under advice, will be able to open their doors again in a limited capacity for Years 10 and 12.  A first letter has already been sent to parents and gives a little bit more detail but since that we have not received much further information, it remains a little vague.  If given the green light, I will write again to you during the first week in June to elaborate further on such plans.  However, we also need to be aware of the fact that students will not be able to travel on public transport during the morning rush hour (see powerpoint from TFL saved below this Blog on our website, for further details) so we also need to take this into consideration.

My main objective has always been to ensure that students and staff are as safe as possible and this will mean that at some point both students and staff will need to make a decision based upon whether they feel the school environment, in their opinion, is safe.  We will put in the necessary safeguards but it will down to individuals to share that confidence so I am not expecting everyone to return immediately.  We are encouraging students to walk or ride bicycles but those who live further away may or may not choose to risk public transport.  Staff and their representatives may have concerns and choose to delay their return so you can see that a plan can be put together then significantly modified when you realise the resources you find yourself with.  We wait and see.

Click on the link below to keep reading...  The second link is the TFL powerpoint document, as mentioned in the Blog.