Week Ending Thursday 7 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – updates from the Headteacher

Ah silence!  I am writing this at about eleven in the morning and all is quiet.  The teenagers in the house are yet to stir, the living room is tidy, the attitude is invisible and my culinary skills are primed.  It is truly a humbling experience on each Thursday evening to be out at 8pm applauding our brave doctors, nurses, care workers and all those NHS workers who are continuing to care and look after our sick.  I and everybody else in the neighbourhoods cannot thank you enough.  As I write this I am still awaiting the guidance from on high as to how we begin to mobilise ourselves back into some sort of routine and, hopefully, when I write in next week’s Blog, we will have a much clearer idea of this.

I do hope that you are all healthy and staying safe.  Social distancing measures mean that people are aware of being two metres apart but I think this definition may well change over the coming weeks and I would ask that if, and when you are allowed back in school, that every precaution is taken when making your journey from home to Beths.

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