Week Ending Friday 1 May 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – updates from the Headteacher


As I begin to write this, I am comforted by the dulcet tones of my daughters arguing about “important” things and not quietly either.  Oh, that’s two more plates for me to pick up and place in the kitchen.  Maybe the life of a serf isn’t too awful after all.  I know you parents understand.  Anyway, enough of my social dysfunctionality.  I would like to continue with my sincere gratitude to you in helping, supporting and contributing to your son’s/daughter’s learning whilst we are still required to remain at home.  We, at school, have been discussing how we move things forward and I can reassure that we are encouraging staff to experiment with online learning so hope that in the coming days new opportunities present themselves.

I do hope that you are all healthy and staying safe.  The one thing that sticks out to me as I walk into school from Dartford is that social distancing measures mean that people are aware of being two metres apart but actually acknowledge each other when making a deliberate action to stay apart.  I really do hope that after all this we are able to speak to complete strangers confidently and re-energise our sense of community.

It is not a case of if but when schools return to a sense of normality and we are in advanced stages of planning and preparing for students returning.  I will let you know of our plans once the go-ahead is finalised.

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