Friday 24 January 2020

Wednesday 22 January – Road and Parking Concerns

As you know, each week in the blog we ask that parents be considerate of our neighbours when dropping or picking up their sons and daughters at the school. 

Unfortunately, on Wednesday at 8.15am, our fire alarm went off and as with school procedure, we had to evacuate those in school to our ‘muster point’.  As is also procedure, students and cars were not allowed to enter the school site until we were advised the site was clear.  Due to cars blocking Hartford Road, the Fire Brigade were unable to access the school site.  Fortunately, this was a false alarm, however if it hadn’t been, the fact that the Fire Brigade were not able to get to the school could have resulted in such dire consequences, as the loss of life.

The incident on Wednesday, also highlighted that students are arriving on site before 8am, the earliest permitted time of arrival.  If there were to be an incident/emergency before the start of the school day, we would have no record of the students on site or their location, and no first aiders to deal with any accident that may occur.  Please ensure that your son or daughter arrives at school no earlier than 8am. 

We have also been made aware, on several occasions, of cars blocking neighbours drive ways, and on some occasions, being quite abusive to the residents.  Please can we remind you that we are constantly trying to work with our neighbours to ensure we have a good relationship; inappropriate and inconsiderate parking only reflects poorly on the school’s reputation.

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